Our Background

Giving Hands of Hope was founded to help the homeless in Orange County, California by providing services to low-income homeless families living in residential motels within the county. Our clients are working adults who are underemployed in low-paying and/or part-time jobs without benefits.

Poverty in Orange County

Families, often with 4 or more members, must conduct all manner of daily activities living in one room. This cannot be considered as adequate housing. These homeless families live in residential motels because they are constrained by a minimum wage that cannot support the average rents in Orange County.

A minimum wage job in Orange County provides a gross income of $2,311 per month while the average rent is $2,140. It is a struggle for families to pay their rent, feed and clothe the family, procure medical insurance and maintain a vehicle. It takes three times the minimum wage to be able to afford an average apartment in Orange County.